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Horizons at Woodlake Greens
Homeowner Association

The Board has reviewed the community's experience with both minor and major infractions of landscape and ARC rules and the ultimate cost to all the homeowners when specific infractions require legal and management intervention due to their serious nature.

Based on that information, our fines for violations will be modified as follows:

All Landscape Violations - no change.  Fines remain at $25 per day, per occurrence.

Minor ARC Violations (such as repainting of doors and shutters, installation of storm doors) prior to receiving modification approval - no change.  Fines remain at $25 per day, per occurrence.

Major ARC Violations - changed.  It will be considered a Major ARC violation if any of the following are initiated by a homeowner prior to receiving a written modification approval:

  1. Installation of a generator;
  2. Installation of a deck or patio;
  3. Installation of any additional impervious coverage (such as sidewalk, concrete     pad, retention wall or pavers);
  4. Installation of any structure (permanent or temporary)
  5. Installation of a paver driveway;
  6. Increasing the square footage of (or adding walls and/or railings to) a deck and/or patio after final inspection by the ARC Committee; 

If a Major ARC violation occurs, the homeowner will be charged an immediate fine of $500 and an additional fine of $100 per day, per occurrence, until the modification is either approved or remedied.  The homeowner will also be charged for all legal bills incurred, and any other "out of pocket" costs to the Association.

These types and amount of fines, are consistent with other communities in our area. We hope that this change will act as a deterrent to some of the time consuming and expensive violations we have experienced in the past few years.

Community News

by The Clubhouse Committee

The Clubhouse Committee has been working on a strategy  for our Library that we hope will provide new interest and increased resident participation.  We are taking our cue from the public libraries, with some healthy input from our residents.  Here is an overview of our plans, and some of the changes we will be implementing this summer:

“Paperback Books by the Pool” - Summer and poolside relaxation are perfect for paperbacks!  All of our donated paperback books will be available in a basket under the clubhouse overhang.  Take one to read at the pool or toss it in your swim bag for reading at the beach.  You can return it, pass it along, or just discard it when you are done.

Books to be Retired -  We are going to “retire” some of our older hardcover book titles to clear space for new books and alternative media. The “retiring” books will be put on a separate shelf so you can take a look, read a hidden gem, or rescue any old favorites…we just ask that you take them home and not return them!  These books are still of value, so rest assured that we will be finding them a good “retirement home” with an appropriate charitable organization.

New Books in the Library - Freeing up some shelf space will allow us to accept new donations.  However, we will be selective in choosing newer published works that will be of more interest to our loyal library customers.  To make identification of “new” books easier, we will segregate them on a separate shelf for a few weeks. 

CD’s, DVD’s and Audio books - Freeing up that shelf space will also allow us to add donated books on tape, and DVD’s of movies and TV series.  Look for more information on this by end of summer.

Games and Puzzles - We think this will be a great addition to the Library.  We hope to make donated board games and jigsaw puzzles available for loan in the next few weeks.  Our Library will be a great place to pick up a game of Monopoly or Scrabble the next time the grandkids are visiting or for neighbors to enjoy over a glass of wine.

Book Returns - We will be designating an area for all your returns.  We ask that you please do not leave books, or other borrowed materials scattered on tables and chairs.  The Committee will follow up routinely to put items back in their proper places. 

Homeowner Meetings are held every other month at 7:00 pm on the third Thursday in the clubhouse
during January, March, May, September, and November